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Chai Tea LatteChai Tea Latte is basically the coffee house version of chai, which has become popular in America and elsewhere through Starbucks, Panera’s, and other similar places.

For the majority of people outside of India, this is how they have come to know Chai Tea. Chai Latte has become very popular, and people are known to get “addicted” to it (although I can’t vouch for the medical truth of such claims, it is true that a lot of people claim to be addicted to it.)

For students and others on a limited budget, having a Chai Tea Latte addiction can be quite expensive, especially if you have it every day.

The best way to save your money – and still satisfy your cravings – is to simply make it at home. It works out to be so much more economical that way.

The easiest way to make Chai Tea Latte at home is to buy one of the powdered mixes, such as the ones made by Pacific Chai, Big Train, Oregon Chai, Enchanted Chai, and General Foods. Maxwell House makes a Chai Latte-flavoured coffee powder as well.

These powdered mixes are already sweetened and have milk, so it is just a matter of adding water, hot and/or cold, depending on if you want an Iced Chai Tea Latte or a hot Chai Latte.

Some, like Pacific Chai and Big Train, come in a large tin with a scoop to measure how much powdered mix you want. Oregon Chai, on the other hand, sells its Chai Tea Latte in individual pre-measured pouches, which makes it easy to take with you wherever you want to go.

If you want a more authentic latte experience, however, you need to get an espresso machine or milk frother, like the Capresso FrothPRO. These steam and froth your milk, giving it a great soft, foamy texture, and then you can flavour the steamed milk with a shot of Chai Tea concentrate instead of espresso. This is actually what many coffee houses actually do for their Chai Tea Latte. So you can get that authentic Chai Tea Latte experience at home that way.

Alternatively, if you have a Keurig brewer at home or the office, there are Chai Latte K-Cups which you can get, including Café Escapes and Green Mountain. Twinings makes Chai Tea Latte T-Discs for Tassimo Coffeemakers as well. Those are also excellent options.

Nutritionally, Chai Tea Latte is not rated very highly by websites like caloriecount.about.com, which gives the Tall Starbucks Chai Latte (453.6g) a rating of C+ at 240 calories, with 32 calories from fat.

There are many Chai Tea benefits, healthwise, however, with traditional chai, as it is based on ancient Indian medicinal principles of Ayurveda. I suspect that the powders and concentrates dilute or even eliminate some of these benefits. Or, on the other hand, the nutritional information may not measure these effects, which are not so much about calories and carbs, but more about stress-relief, wellness, and improving your digestion. 

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